Some nostalgia: a re-publication of an old school work

In the year two thousand I participated in a course called Communication Skills, which was (and still is) part of optional English studies at our university. A large part of that course was making a presentation on a topic of one’s choice. At the time, I was (and still am!) rather intrigued by metaphysical issues and therefore my presentation was titled An Introduction to My Theory of Everything.

A few minutes ago I happened upon my old presentation notes (little pieces of paper that I had with me during the presentation to help with the darned memory) while I was looking for some other items. The notes brought back funny memories about the presentation, and then I remembered I also wrote the whole thing down for practicing it. So, here it is for you to read and admire the brilliance of twenty year old version of me. 😉 By the way, I did get the highest possible grade (excellent skills) on that course, despite some typos on the transcript below. (The text wasn’t graded, the presentation was.)

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