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On this page You can experiment with punches, i.e. putting virtually together alcoholic beverages and some blenders. You won't get the taste right here, but You'll get some other details, such as total alcohol volume, cost of pure alcohol per litre, et cetera. Can be used for calculating drinks as well. Have fun!

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Contents of Your punch

Item name Volume/item Alcohol % Price/item # items Total pure alcohol Total volume Cost of pure alcohol/ml Total price
No liquids added yet.
Total:N/A% 00ml 0mlN/Acents 0

Tip: You can add new items (ie. alcohol, juice, etc.) by typing name of an item, selecting its volume and alcohol percentage and typing its price (for selected volume) and the number of items (of selected volume) you're using at the bottom row of the table above. After that, click the button on that row. You can also change quantities of existing items by entering a new value on the line in question or remove items by checking checkboxes on the left. Both changing quantities and removing items are confirmed by clicking the button in upper-right corner of the above table.

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Details about Your punch

Total amount of punch:0.0 litres
Total price of punch:0 (your currency)
Total price of punch:N/A (your currency)/litre
Alcohol by volume:N/A%
Total alcohol in punch:0.00 litres
Price of 100% pure alcohol:
Full glasses (2dl):0
Alcohol per glass (2dl):
Full long glasses (4dl):0
Alcohol per long glass (4dl):