Small happenings

I started studying again last week by doing Basics of Software Business at the Jyväskylä International Summer School. To celebrate that, I also bought a new laptop to replace the old piece of crap that I used to call a laptop. The new one is Amilo K7600 and despite the inadequate graphics chip, it runs pretty fine and looks good.

Now I’m looking at a pretty tight schedule, having to finish my bachelor’s thesis in a month or so, among other things I’ve to do. I just decided to skip the other summer school course, Mobile Software Products and Markets, because I felt I could spend that time a bit more productively… Wish me luck on that. 🙂

F*cking spammers

This site has been attacked with an overwhelming amount of comment spam in the past 24 hours. Therefore, until I find a suitable solution to this, commenting has been disabled. (Renamed the cgi file, so no one can comment on anything.)

By the way, I’m seeing ahead of me a future of deleting 431 comments one by one. Anyone got ideas of how to kill them more easily without killing the good comments while at it? Would appreciate. But now I’m seeing a delicious dinner being brought to me, so I’m starting to feel a little better…

Commercial maintenance for Hubble etc?

Now that first private spaceship has crossed the border to space and NASA considers offering prizes for various other private space accomplishments, and remembering that NASA is unable to do maintenance to Hubble space telescope due to space shuttles being grounded, when are we going to see first commercial maintenance operation to Hubble and other satellites? My guess is as soon as next year. Rutan’s SpaceShipOne looks promising and if NASA is allowed to buy services from commercial provides, I see no reason why it wouldn’t happen. Government organized space missions begin to look like history, despite Mr. Bush’s plans to go to Mars. Personally I bet the first Mars mission will be privately organized, although it’ll probably have (mostly) public funding.

Start of a promising day

This day started very much like any other day. I got up after noon, went to the loo, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed, turned on my laptop… But this time the screen of my laptop remained black! The machine ran though, the power LED was on, I could hear the HDD making the usual noises, I could even blindly login and hear the Windows start sound from the speakers, but I just couldn’t get the screen live again, no matter what I tried. Nice indeed.

So, then I ate a raspberry yoghurt, put on my leather jacket and shoes and headed out towards the university computer lab (where I am now). On my way I bought a cup of coffee (black with no sugar, for £1) from the corner cafe near my flat. While sipping the coffee and walking ahead, I noticed that the shoelace of my right shoe had become untied, so I stopped and tried to tie it. It snapped. Wonderful indeed.

Now I’m sitting in the computer lab, being more amused rather than pissed off and wondering if there’s something wrong with me. I mean, most people would be quite pissed off at this point, I guess. Also, I wonder what’s gonna happen next… A day that started like this can’t be over yet.

EDIT: Some how the backlight of my laptop screen become turned off by default and some how I managed to fix that. Weird bug though, have to say. And bought new shoelaces for £1.40, so now I’m fine again. And nothing else happened. Although I shouldn’t have fixed the screen today, because that delivers direct damage to my exam preparation. 🙂

Local delicacy: Battered & deep fried Mars bar

[Picture: Not your ordinary Mars bar]
Here’s a local delicacy from Edinburgh, Scotland, a battered and deep fried Mars bar. The taste can be best described as too greasy and too sweet, and you’ll know after first one that you don’t need another one. In fame this piece doesn’t beat haggis as Scottish delicacy, but it’s worth trying out anyway, at least so you’re able to say that you could wolf it down without becoming sick. Some people I know can’t make that claim, hehe. Price ~£1 at various outlets in Edinburgh. (Click on image to take a closer look.)

Shot Glass Chess Set

[IMG: Shot Glass Chess]

At first the idea of playing chess with shot glasses seems to be a good, funny one. And heck, it was fun. In the picture on left you can see a game we had on Tuesday with a friend who bought the set for £10. Probably needless to say, but the glasses were filled with Sminorff Red Label, of course.

But the consequences, oh the consequences. Well, we played two matches, of which I lost both, and then headed out. Didn’t need too many drinks at the Bannerman’s Bar and the Cellar Bar afterwards. And on the way home… Both of my knees are still hurting, it’s rather a pain to stand up, and I still can’t properly use my left thumb and also there’s still quite a constant pain on right side of my chest. Note to self: never ever again mount a man who’s drunk and is going to run while carrying you. He will inevitably fall down and you’ll fly from his back. Uh-oh.

The Retrosexual Man

There is an article titled “The Retrosexual Man” by Juha Hyytiainen (pages 30-32) in the latest publication of Jarulainen , which is the magazine of JARU (Jyvaskyla Academic Officers in Reserve). In essence it describes what a real man is like in contrast to all these metrosexuals and so on… Anyway, I have to agree with the points made, and here’s a few selected points as well. Don’t hesitate to read the article as well, it’s in English despite the rest of the magazine being in Finnish.

  • A Retrosexual man, no matter what the women insist, PAYS FOR THE DATE.
  • A Retrosexual man opens doors for a lady. Even for the ones that fit that term only because they are female.
  • When a Retrosexual is on a crowded bus or a commuter train, and a pregnant woman, heck, any woman gets on, that retrosexual stands up and offers his seat to tha woman, then looks around at the other so-called men still in their seats with a disgusted “you punks” look on his face. [Same goes for elderly people and people wearing a military uniform.]
  • A Retrosexual man doesn’t need a contract — a handshake is good enough. He will always stand by his word even if circumstances change or the other person deceived him.

Eh, quite obvious points, say? But important, and far too often forgotten in the modern life. Personally, I’d like to add a few points: knowing your table manners, having at least a working knowledge of wines, offering the chair to women in restaurants, generally being polite… Well, the list could go on forever. I don’t think I need to explain why these points should be taken seriously.