Some nostalgia: a re-publication of an old school work

In the year two thousand I participated in a course called Communication Skills, which was (and still is) part of optional English studies at our university. A large part of that course was making a presentation on a topic of one’s choice. At the time, I was (and still am!) rather intrigued by metaphysical issues and therefore my presentation was titled An Introduction to My Theory of Everything.

A few minutes ago I happened upon my old presentation notes (little pieces of paper that I had with me during the presentation to help with the darned memory) while I was looking for some other items. The notes brought back funny memories about the presentation, and then I remembered I also wrote the whole thing down for practicing it. So, here it is for you to read and admire the brilliance of twenty year old version of me. 😉 By the way, I did get the highest possible grade (excellent skills) on that course, despite some typos on the transcript below. (The text wasn’t graded, the presentation was.)

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Sauli for President!

I know many of you are eager to display publicly your support for Sauli Niinistö in the 2006 Finnish Presidential Election and just because of that I created a cafeshop full of support products. There still isn’t any official merchandise available so that stuff will suffice until then, I believe. Also, hereby I release the two images used in those products into public domain, so anyone can use them for example in local print shops to get a little cheaper stuff: text logo (107KB) and coal&chalk drawing of Sauli with overlaid text logo (1.3MB). Have fun! 🙂

Another astonishing service

You people know me, I’m always wanting to use computers for any practical and non-practical use. Now, out of curiosity and need for a few bowls of punch, I created a small web application to calculate punch mixtures! It allows you to add all the booze you wish, mix it with necessary juices and stuff, and see what comes out, alcohol-wise mostly though. Unfortunately it is uncapable of determining if the stuff will actually taste good or not. Anyway, I present thee: T3h Punch Calculator! Remember to have common sense when drinking alcohol. 😉

By the way, if anyone wants to translate that page to other languages (than English and Finnish), contact me (see link on right) and I’ll send a language file for translation. Thx.

Is the hydrogen economy going to make things worse?

I recently learned (from a Finnish science TV program called Prisma) that water vapor is the most significant greenhouse gas in Earth’s atmosphere, being several times more potent than carbon dioxide, which ranks third after water (condensed in clouds). Apparently between 0.5-4.0 per cent of atmosphere consists of water vapor (though I couldn’t find this info in the traditional atmospheric gas breakdown; i.e. nitrogen 78%, oxygen 21%, 0.93% argon, etc…), while only 0.03 per cent is carbon dioxide, which has rapidly risen to enemy number one for various environmentalists.

Alleged global warming is said to increase also the level of water vapor in the atmosphere, primarily by making the oceans warmer and thus increasing evaporation of ocean water into atmosphere. This of course causes further global warming.

However, during the week after the TV show I started thinking about this water vapor issue. Everyone is pretty much waiting for the hydrogen economy of the future, where eventually all the cars run on hydrogen (which is hopefully produced cleanly in where it’s most efficient, as by-product of nuclear reactors). “Burning” hydrogen as a fuel to propel vehicles is clean, much cleaner than today’s combustion engines. Hydrogen fuel cells (HFC) emit only one kind of produce – water vapor. That struck to me, is the hydrogen economy going to help us at all, if too much water vapor in the atmosphere is actually worse than some added carbon dioxide?

That said, I’ve no idea how much water vapor HFCs actually emit and can make no inferences whether the outcome is more or less than this carbon emissions induced global warming that we’re allegedly witnessing right now. I suppose it’s something worth checking though. Gotta admit I went a little WTF when this idea occurred to me. Did you?

“Now Shipping”

W00t, my dance mats are finally getting shipped over here by Well, there still isn’t any UPS tracking code available, but at least the status changed from that three days old “Preparing Order” to “Now Shipping.”

I’m really looking forward to some serious dance action as an instrument of fitness improvement without public self-humiliation that my mind associates with dragging my lazy ass out there for some exercise. However, the indoor soccer we played yesterday with a friend and a bunch of nearly total strangers didn’t feel that much of humiliation… Yes, I was totally out of shape, but somehow I managed to run around the place for the entire fourtyfive.

Anyway, having tested the dance mat gaming for a week or so some time ago, I feel that that type of exercise fits me quite well. I mean, being an impatient offspring of Everything To Me Right Now generation, getting instant feedback from exercise in the form of game scores is far better and far more motivating than going jogging outside each day for two weeks before noticing any significant improvement in my form. I suppose other lazy (like me) people could find similar truth, so here are links to the products I’m getting:

Of course, the StepMania game (and some dance files) is required for playing. It’s free, and the physical objects don’t cost that much either, so this hobby can be regarded as cheap… And most importantly, as public self-humiliation evading activity. 😉

[Update 5:24PM] W00t, received a UPS tracking code for the package! Now I just have to refresh t3h tracking page until it arrives at my door step. 🙂 (Seriously, no…)

Some notes

Haha, a friend of mine asked whether I was smoking flowers when he first saw how my site looks now. 😀 Gotta take that as a compliment, despite I’m not smoking anything, hehe.

Anyway, in near future I’ll try to find some time to expand this new look to other pages on this site as well, primarily the other pages of my blog. It seems that I’ve accidentally created two different frontpages for the blog, so I’ll have to discard the other one anyway. And and, a link page is coming up as well. 🙂

Oh and need to close the comments for older posts. Spam is getting worse, again. So if you spot any ads about mature ladies or member enlargements here, please, PLEASE, send me an e-mail about them. Occasionally some of the spam comments avoid my attention and are left on the site, which is very unfortunate. Many of you visitors already come via google searching for disgusting things that do not actually reside here, because google’s crawler is faster than I am. 🙁


I finally got around to do a bit of re-design on my web site. And look what that little spare time resulted in! I actually like the way this site looks now. Brown has become my colour, it seems, as my purchases lately seem to feature the colour: a brown leather jacket, brown trousers, brown leather shoes, a brown winter cap and a brown scarf, among other things. That list also manifests an increase in my cash flow…

Also, almost forgot to mention that there’s now a method of contacting me available on this website. I received some feedback through other channels that it’s hard to find my contact information on this site, so there it is, almost at the top of the right-hand menu bar! You’re welcome to give it a try.

CSS Printing Trickery

For past few hours I’ve been fighting with CSS and especially its printed media type. It seems that I’ve found something that actually works better with Internet Explorer than it does with Firefox. Or maybe it’s just me or my printer.

Anyway, when setting absolute positions for elements and using centimetres as unit, there’s an anomaly with Firefox. I developed using Firefox, so after initial tests with Internet Explorer I thought it was behaving badly as well, but soon discovered that IE was working perfectly, and Firefox was not. The problem is that when printing squares with 1cm sides, Firefox actually prints out an approximately 0.6cm by 1cm sized rectangle. IE prints perfect 1cm squares.

For the record, my printer is Lexmark Forms Printer 2480, which also gives out the reason for absolute positioning. And no, PDF is not an option. Fortunately in this case there’s a choice of what browser to use in printing. Because of other reasons, it’ll be Firefox and I’ll be multiplying all horizontal positions by factor of 1.8, while all vertical positions remain unchanged. In any case, if someone wants to go through the trouble of posting this to Bugzilla, that’d be nice. I’m too lazy. 🙂

Another website created

I just published the local campaign page for the Leftist Alliance of Suonenjoki. And to be honest, this blog entry serves only to promote that site in search engines, which seem to rank my page quite well… That’s why I’ll link it in Finnish as well: Vasemmistoliiton Suonenjoen kunnallisjärjestö. Thank you for your attention. 🙂

Oh, and comments about that page are welcome.