Liigan sijoitukset

En löytänyt mistään päin nettiä tällaista kuvaa, joten kasasin sen itse. Motivaationa siis lievä epäterve viehtyneisyys graafeja kohtaan. 🙂 Olkaat siis hyvät, sm-liigan joukkueiden sijoitukset kaudella 2008-2009:

Kuva ja excel-taulukko löytyvät täältä. Saa käyttää ja kehittää vapaasti. Esimerkiksi jos joku osaa automatisoida tuota vähän enemmän niin mielellään, kiitos. 🙂 Päivitän joka tapauksessa tuota manuaalisesti kauden loppuun asti.

“Now Shipping”

W00t, my dance mats are finally getting shipped over here by Well, there still isn’t any UPS tracking code available, but at least the status changed from that three days old “Preparing Order” to “Now Shipping.”

I’m really looking forward to some serious dance action as an instrument of fitness improvement without public self-humiliation that my mind associates with dragging my lazy ass out there for some exercise. However, the indoor soccer we played yesterday with a friend and a bunch of nearly total strangers didn’t feel that much of humiliation… Yes, I was totally out of shape, but somehow I managed to run around the place for the entire fourtyfive.

Anyway, having tested the dance mat gaming for a week or so some time ago, I feel that that type of exercise fits me quite well. I mean, being an impatient offspring of Everything To Me Right Now generation, getting instant feedback from exercise in the form of game scores is far better and far more motivating than going jogging outside each day for two weeks before noticing any significant improvement in my form. I suppose other lazy (like me) people could find similar truth, so here are links to the products I’m getting:

Of course, the StepMania game (and some dance files) is required for playing. It’s free, and the physical objects don’t cost that much either, so this hobby can be regarded as cheap… And most importantly, as public self-humiliation evading activity. 😉

[Update 5:24PM] W00t, received a UPS tracking code for the package! Now I just have to refresh t3h tracking page until it arrives at my door step. 🙂 (Seriously, no…)

Shot Glass Chess Set

[IMG: Shot Glass Chess]

At first the idea of playing chess with shot glasses seems to be a good, funny one. And heck, it was fun. In the picture on left you can see a game we had on Tuesday with a friend who bought the set for £10. Probably needless to say, but the glasses were filled with Sminorff Red Label, of course.

But the consequences, oh the consequences. Well, we played two matches, of which I lost both, and then headed out. Didn’t need too many drinks at the Bannerman’s Bar and the Cellar Bar afterwards. And on the way home… Both of my knees are still hurting, it’s rather a pain to stand up, and I still can’t properly use my left thumb and also there’s still quite a constant pain on right side of my chest. Note to self: never ever again mount a man who’s drunk and is going to run while carrying you. He will inevitably fall down and you’ll fly from his back. Uh-oh.

Decathlon scores

As part of starting the Vappu celebrations, we had a good session of the classic Decathlon and here are my current high scores. Of course, we were playing on Pete’s laptop keyboard and VICE C64 emulator, so these can’t be compared directly to scores made on real C64. But anyway, I kicked Pete’s and Karri’s asses in the game. 🙂

Event result
100m 10,26
Long Jump 8,05
Shot Put 21,25
High Jump 2,2
400m 47,06
110m Hurdles 14,48
Discus 67,84
Pole Vault 5,0
Javelin 92,57
1500m 3,38,50
Total score 10168

Alter Ego

Antti sent me today possibly just the ultimate productivity killing link ever. And here it’s for you guys: Alter Ego ported to WWW form! This one’s a legendary text adventure from the good old C64 days. In the game you lead an “alternative” life to your own. Game asks you series of questions and then you can advance from your birth to your eventual death through a number of events, which make the person you will become.

Even though the games get very long and the events are partly U.S. oriented, it’s great fun. That means, zero words on my essay paper today…. Damn you, Antti! 🙂