Stop farting, save the world!

British scientists have found a way to reduce cow flatulence by up to 70%. This might sound like a joke, but it’s far from it. Apparently farm animals produce 14 per cent of global methane emissions by farting quite a lot. Methane brings about global warming 21 times more effectively than carbon dioxide, so it’s quite important to curb those emissions.

The funny thing is that the European Union subsidises every European cow by more than two euros a day (more than half of the world’s population make a day) and still they don’t require the cows to be environmentally friendly in spite of all the boohoo about carbon dioxide emissions. Maybe a directive to reduce cow emissions would be in order?

Of course, people fart too. Maybe we should introduce a flatulence tax for people? Naturally it would require an anal probe for everyone to measure methane emissions. (The worse it smells, the more methane it has.) The measurement would be used to calculate individual tax burdens. Maybe this would eventually become an incentive to consume more healthy food, assuming that healthy food generates less flatulence…

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