Tasting some alcohol

Last Saturday, on the eve of the May Day (Finnish Vappu), we had this little celebration event, including among other things some sauna bathing, watching ice hockey and tasting different alcohols. ‘Twas good evening altogether, and for your pleasure I present there results of our alcohol tasting panel here. 🙂

We had a selection of seven different alcoholic beverages, all of them more or less belonging to vodka class. These are listed in the table below, along with the total score. The drinks were administered in quantities of four or two centilitres, depending on the panelists’ individual choice. The panel consisted of seven people and both genders were represented. Drinks were scored on five distinct categories with scores from one to five, five being the best score: colour (3), first taste (6), after taste (7), odour (4) and overall image (5); the values in parentheses represent the completely arbitrary weights these categories were given in the total score.

Brand Colour First taste After taste Odour Overall image Total score
Koskenkorva Vodka Vanilla 37.5% (Fin) 3.625 4.375 3.625 4.5 3.5 3.536
Koskenkorva Viina 32% (Fin) 3.125 2.625 2.625 2.75 2.25 2.636
Koskenkorva Viina 38% (Fin) 3.0 2.42 2.29 2.71 3.42 2.70
Koskenkorva Viina Ruis 38% (Fin) 2.86 2.29 2.67 2.71 3.0 2.674
3 Graudu Degvins 38% (Lat) 2.86 3.0 3.57 2.57 3.0 3.074
Viru Valge 40% (Est) 3.35 2.33 2.5 2.5 2.83 2.636
Finlandia Vodka 40% (Fin) 2.83 2.33 2.67 2.16 4.17 2.83

There. I’ve marked the winning score in each category with bold text. Because Vanilla was such an obvious winner, I’ve also marked the second place holder with italic text. Hope this information has any use… And oh, the brands are listed in the order they were tasted, should it make any difference.

(PS. Don’t forget to check out The Punch Calculator! :))

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  1. Mites teillä, millasella väellä olitte liikkeellä? Hengissä ainakin siis on säilytty kun tänne tulee jo tekstiä;)

    Minä maistelin pitkästä aikaa hotshotteja vappuna.
    Lieneekö vika minussa vai vai viinassa, mutta Galliano on nykyään ihan maittavaa. Vaniljaista sekin.

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