Some notes

Haha, a friend of mine asked whether I was smoking flowers when he first saw how my site looks now. 😀 Gotta take that as a compliment, despite I’m not smoking anything, hehe.

Anyway, in near future I’ll try to find some time to expand this new look to other pages on this site as well, primarily the other pages of my blog. It seems that I’ve accidentally created two different frontpages for the blog, so I’ll have to discard the other one anyway. And and, a link page is coming up as well. 🙂

Oh and need to close the comments for older posts. Spam is getting worse, again. So if you spot any ads about mature ladies or member enlargements here, please, PLEASE, send me an e-mail about them. Occasionally some of the spam comments avoid my attention and are left on the site, which is very unfortunate. Many of you visitors already come via google searching for disgusting things that do not actually reside here, because google’s crawler is faster than I am. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Some notes”

  1. Täytyy sen verran kommentoida nyt kun ensimmäistä kertaa vasta tämän nään, että muuten ihan jees, mutta tuo p*skanruskee taustaväri/kuva on pöyristyttävä =)
    Laita vaikka vaaleemman vihree. Toki vain minun mielipiteeni.

  2. Tonne pasi-shoppiin pitäis saada pasi-paitoja!täällä olis ainakin yx varma ostaja. ja +pasi-lotto on aivan kunkku!

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