Start of a promising day

This day started very much like any other day. I got up after noon, went to the loo, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed, turned on my laptop… But this time the screen of my laptop remained black! The machine ran though, the power LED was on, I could hear the HDD making the usual noises, I could even blindly login and hear the Windows start sound from the speakers, but I just couldn’t get the screen live again, no matter what I tried. Nice indeed.

So, then I ate a raspberry yoghurt, put on my leather jacket and shoes and headed out towards the university computer lab (where I am now). On my way I bought a cup of coffee (black with no sugar, for £1) from the corner cafe near my flat. While sipping the coffee and walking ahead, I noticed that the shoelace of my right shoe had become untied, so I stopped and tried to tie it. It snapped. Wonderful indeed.

Now I’m sitting in the computer lab, being more amused rather than pissed off and wondering if there’s something wrong with me. I mean, most people would be quite pissed off at this point, I guess. Also, I wonder what’s gonna happen next… A day that started like this can’t be over yet.

EDIT: Some how the backlight of my laptop screen become turned off by default and some how I managed to fix that. Weird bug though, have to say. And bought new shoelaces for £1.40, so now I’m fine again. And nothing else happened. Although I shouldn’t have fixed the screen today, because that delivers direct damage to my exam preparation. 🙂

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