Shot Glass Chess Set

[IMG: Shot Glass Chess]

At first the idea of playing chess with shot glasses seems to be a good, funny one. And heck, it was fun. In the picture on left you can see a game we had on Tuesday with a friend who bought the set for £10. Probably needless to say, but the glasses were filled with Sminorff Red Label, of course.

But the consequences, oh the consequences. Well, we played two matches, of which I lost both, and then headed out. Didn’t need too many drinks at the Bannerman’s Bar and the Cellar Bar afterwards. And on the way home… Both of my knees are still hurting, it’s rather a pain to stand up, and I still can’t properly use my left thumb and also there’s still quite a constant pain on right side of my chest. Note to self: never ever again mount a man who’s drunk and is going to run while carrying you. He will inevitably fall down and you’ll fly from his back. Uh-oh.

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