Change of Language

Upon trying to write an essay for my Philosophy of Science course at 5am while sipping a cup of chicken soup without any real chicken, I decided to change my primary weblog to English. From here on, I will also try to post more frequently. Last night I actually had quite a few good ideas for future posts, but when I woke up in the afternoon, I had totally forgotten them. I am so going to start using that notebook, I forget way too many things all the time.

As for contacting me, use the comments section, although if that comment spam problem gets any bigger, there will be no comments section any more. My public email address is public(at) (subject to change if spam starts flowing in). Change (at) to @ and remove anything after fi to get it to work. Also, please read my e-mail policy before doing anything related to my e-mail address(es). Thank You.

Now back to that damned essays… Let’s see, three hundred words on paper, so twelve hundred to go. Shouldn’t be too hard in the remaining eight hours before deadline. Uh, how does constructive empiricism differ from realism on the one hand and instrumentalism on the other again?

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