The Fog of War

Went yesterday to see this documentary film about former U.S. Secretary of Defence Robert Strange McNamara. The documentary begins with the dreadful moments the world had during the Cuban Missile Crisis and all the way from the beginning the viewers’ attention is stolen by the still clever and witty 85 year old McNamara telling his story.

I shall not go into deep analysis here as I should be working on two assignments, so I’ll just quickly recommend seeing this documentary. McNamara is probably best known from being SoD during the Vietnam War, which in contemporary press was often called the McNamara’s War, but this movie is not an apology. Rather, it’s an old man’s justified conclusions about his life, his accomplishments and his mistakes. The lessons he gives also fit well in the modern world and the modern wars. It might be worthwile for a certain George to see this film or read McNamara’s book (with James G. Blight: Wilson’s Ghost: Reducing the Risk of Conflict, Killing, and Catastrophe in the 21st Century) which partially inspired Errol Morris to film the documentary. Anyway, just see it and learn. Maybe you’ll end up spending the next day reading more about those issues, like I have…

Amulet of Yendor

The title refers, of course, to one of the greatest games of all time, NetHack. So far, I have never even reached the castle of wizard of Yendor, but I’ve “found” that fake amulet a couple of times, having not learned from previous mistakes… Anyway, from WikiPedia I got to a list of NetHack related User Friendly comic strips… And literally fell of my chair on the punch line of “This Web Design Thing”! Now that’s humour, or I’m just way too tired. 🙂

Alter Ego

Antti sent me today possibly just the ultimate productivity killing link ever. And here it’s for you guys: Alter Ego ported to WWW form! This one’s a legendary text adventure from the good old C64 days. In the game you lead an “alternative” life to your own. Game asks you series of questions and then you can advance from your birth to your eventual death through a number of events, which make the person you will become.

Even though the games get very long and the events are partly U.S. oriented, it’s great fun. That means, zero words on my essay paper today…. Damn you, Antti! 🙂


As if my productivity hadn’t already hit an all time low, I found myself throwing huge icy snowballs at innocent (as if!) penguins and causing them to end up flapping their webbed feet helplessly while their heads got buried inside an iceberg. Aww, who makes these things?! Just as I recovered from the productivity loss caused by that “hitting a penguin with a club and seeing how far she flies” -game… And now I score in this new game higher than is the word count in my essay, which is due in five hours…

Change of Language

Upon trying to write an essay for my Philosophy of Science course at 5am while sipping a cup of chicken soup without any real chicken, I decided to change my primary weblog to English. From here on, I will also try to post more frequently. Last night I actually had quite a few good ideas for future posts, but when I woke up in the afternoon, I had totally forgotten them. I am so going to start using that notebook, I forget way too many things all the time.

As for contacting me, use the comments section, although if that comment spam problem gets any bigger, there will be no comments section any more. My public email address is public(at) (subject to change if spam starts flowing in). Change (at) to @ and remove anything after fi to get it to work. Also, please read my e-mail policy before doing anything related to my e-mail address(es). Thank You.

Now back to that damned essays… Let’s see, three hundred words on paper, so twelve hundred to go. Shouldn’t be too hard in the remaining eight hours before deadline. Uh, how does constructive empiricism differ from realism on the one hand and instrumentalism on the other again?

Tunne osaamisesta

Se on jannaa, miten sita melkein alkaa tuntea osaavansa jotain hyvin, kun mikroluokan muut asukkaat rientavat sankoin joukoin kysymaan apua harjoitustyo-ongelmiinsa. Varsinkin kun eraat ovat viela kaksi tuntia ennen deadlinea samassa pisteessa, jossa itse oli 10 tuntia sitten. Taytyy varmaan rajoittaa mikroluokkailua, ettei ala ihan luulemaan itsestaan liikoja.

Lahjojen lahja

Näin joulun alla sitä päätyy paatuneinkin shoppailua kammoava raavas mies kauppaan tavalla tai toisella, ja onhan siellä kaupoissa vaihteeksi ihan mukava kierrelläkin. Ja onnistuinpas bongaamaan Suomalaisessa kirjakaupassa Jyväskylässä aiemmin tänään oikean Lahjojen Lahjan: mikäpä piristäisi tunnelmaa sen paremmin kuin lahjaksi annettu peli ja palapelithän kun ovat peleistä terveellisimpiä (lue: kehittävät aivotoimintaa; rasitus sydämelle ja hermoille on asia erikseen), niin hulppea kahdeksantoistatuhannen (18000) palan yli kolme metriä leveä ja puolitoista metriä korkea palapelien kuningas todellakin olisi lahjoista parhaimpia… Monellakin tapaa. Harmi, että valtavan palapelilaatikon kyljessä komeili 189,00 euron hintalappu.

JYY:n edustajistovaalit

Syksy tulee ja siten myos JYY:n edustajistovaalit pukkaavat pian paalle, joten mina olen jalleen kerran ehdokkaana, poissaolostani huolimatta. Jos huvittaa olla huvittunut, kannattaa ehka vilkaista vaalimainosjulistettani seka vaalisivuilla olevia tietojani

Niin ja kirjoitin ylla etta “syksy tulee,” koska taalla se on edelleenkin viela tulossa. Lehdet alkavat kellastua ja tuulisuus lisaantyy, mutta yhteenkaan pahaan vesisateeseen en ole viela joutunut ja paivat ovat paasaantoisesti aika lampimia. Vahan toista kuin siella kotipuolessa? 🙂